Unity Light International
Ministry Network (USA)
                         Biblical Counseling Program-Kakata, Liberia 
Unity Light Ministry Network (Unity Community Church) counselors are trained to offer biblical counseling that offers Christ-center solutions. Our counselors provide counselees hope for life that is available only in Jesus Christ through the prayerful, skillful, practical application of the Word of God. The goal of our counseling program in Liberia is to offer biblical counseling that seeks to carefully discover those areas in which a Christian may be obedient to the principles and commands of Scripture and to help him learn how to submit to God’s will lovingly. 
Many Liberians turn to their pastors for help before considering going to a counselor, such as a mental health professional for counseling. Pastors of Unity Light Ministry Network (Unity Community Church) in Kakata take their pastoral duties seriously. Our pastors see their counseling role as an opportunity to solve their church members’ problems, show care by listening to them, and discuss the Bible concerning the member’s situation. Our pastors often work as counselors by default because there are limited public health facilities available to their church members, and pastoral counseling is also a big part of their duties. As such, all Unity Light Ministry Network Church pastors have multiple roles, with counseling being one of them. There is often no professional counseling in these local communities. Notwithstanding, pastors, who
counsel by default, often make referrals to our professional counselors when the counselee needs additional help.
Unity Light Ministry Network Church pastors are vital community leaders who regularly interact with many people. Moreover, Unity Light Ministry Network Church congregations are in low-income communities. Our pastors take their counseling duties seriously because they believe counseling is part of being a pastor in a low-income community. Pastors of these congregations have multiple roles and must do counseling for their church members and local communities because of necessity. There is often no professional counseling in these local communities. Hence, these pastors feel a sense of calling in their roles as counselors. Unity Light Ministry Network Church pastors are often first responders to emotional crises. Therefore, these pastors feel a sense of calling in their roles as counselors. Furthermore, pastors feel a great sense of calling and contentment when engaging in specific marriage counseling tasks. More generally, pastors often seek their counseling role as an opportunity to solve problems of their church members, show care by listening to them, and time discuss the Bible concerning the member’s situation.