Unity Light Community Fellowship
                                                       Prayer & Bible Study Ministry
                                                                 400 Tiffany Trail,
                                                              Richardson, TX. 75081

Every Sunday, 5:00-7:00 P.M.
Telephone: (214) 994-4200

Rev. George L. Suah
Director, Christian Education Ministry

Mission Statement
We exist to make disciples and empower Christians in local communities through
prayers and fervent Bible study for spiritual growth and outreach ministry.

To intentionally develop exemplary followers of Jesus Christ who will serve their
local communities faithfully by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose for establishing Unity Light Community Fellowship is to learn more about a
relationship with God and to build meaningful relationship with others in the

Rev. Emmanuel A. Stevens
Director, Global Ministry (Prayer & Worship) 
Remove: The walls of family spiritual problems; financial shortages and untimely death.
Reveal: God’s Divine Power in your life; unlock the secret of success and the power of healing incurable diseases.

Release: Waves of love and peace in your home with your spouse and your kids.

Rev. Dr. Jerome Newman, Sr
Executive Director

Unity Light Ministry Network
Our “Ministry Network” consists of independent ministers ordained through Unity Light Ministries, associate members, and affiliated churches and Christian
ministries worldwide.

                               God is saying to you today “put all your trust in Me”

                     Come and join Unity Light Prayer & Bible Study of the Word of God.