The Kakata, Liberia Project

An integral part of Unity Light Ministries is to elevate the standard of education through the development of quality Christian schools, with high academic outcomes for children of underserved local communities, thereby having a more comprehensive impact on the future standard of living on these communities. Our approach to school development aims to provide each school with the facilities needed to enable the students and teachers to thrive. Currently, we are developing the educational system of Unity Light International School in Kakata City, Liberia. This includes building a new Junior High School Building Complex but, first, we need to renovate and expand the existing elementary school building. The school desperately needs (in priority order) additional classrooms, desks, computer lab, Internet, educational resource center, water systems, and solar power. The Kakata Town project is in the pilot phase and it is efficient, effective, measurable, and culturally designed to support the local community.

Current Need

Some of our buildings need to be renovated and we need to expand our infrastructure to accommodate more students. We urgently need US$50,000.00 to repair these buildings immediately. We also need additional funding to build new buildings.

Additional Need

We are also seeking ministry partners and donations for the expansion of Unity Light International School (elementary school) into a junior high school in Kakata, Liberia. Our contractors estimate that it will cost approximately US$250,000.00 to construct this school building complex. This building will also satisfy several infrastructure needs of the community including adult education, healthcare programs, and pastoral training programs for those who are called to serve as pastors, evangelists, and teachers.

Kakata is the fifth most populous urban area in Liberia with a population of about 35,000. According to the CIA world factbook, only 58% of the Liberian population is "literate" (age 15 and over can read and write). Some factors that contributed to the aforementioned are:

1. hundreds of thousands of people were killed during the 20 years of unrest (mostly civil war);

2. disrupted education during the war itself;

3. displaced people and destroyed schools;

4. currently, the recent "Ebola" outbreak has killed about 5,000 people in Liberia and close to 11,000 people in the region.

Our Goal

We seeking ministry partnerships and/or donations to help us raise US$50,000 by December 2022.  

You can send your contributions to:

Unity Light Ministries, International-USA  

3010 LBJ Freeway, STE 1200

Dallas, TX 75234
United States of America   


Unity Light Ministries, International-Liberia

P. O. Box 1595

Kakata, Liberia

Please consider supporting us financially. I suggest a personal gift of $50, $100, $150 or $200 and/or ministry partnership of any amount.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support. I’m excited to see what God can accomplish through us.

In His Service,

Jerome A. Newman, Sr.

Rev. Dr. Jerome A. Newman, Sr.

PS: For questions regarding making a financial contribution, please call Rev. Dr. Jerome A. Newman, Sr. at email:;; 703-232-1506; or Rev. Emmanuel A. Stevens at (231) 880437747 (Liberia); email:;; George. L. Suah and Helen Gibson-Newman

Rev. Dr. Jerome A. Newman, Sr. & Rev. Emmanuel A. Stevens

Rev. Dr. Newman with Unity Light Students in Liberia

Unity Light International School Under Construction